SKATEBOARDING  CHINA 
We at SC have been skateboarding and working in the industry here since 2002.
We hope this site gives you an insight into the skateboarding scene in China.
Skateboarding is growing in China, there is estimated over 10,000 regular riders.
Which is not a lot for the amount of people but  is growing at about 20% a year.
China only has a few skateparks and most are badly designed and made.
Street skating is most popular with some world class spots.
However riding on the road is very dangerous for roads are so busy .
Brands like Vans, Addidas , Nike, Converse , Oakley and DC are now open in
China with retails outlets and sponsoring riders and events.
Some Chinese based skateboard websites are kickerclub.com  &  heroskate.com

With skateboarding included in Toyko Olympics in 2020 there is now more interest from the government to help grow the sport with more skateparks and training centers. As well as China hosting  international events like Vans Park Series and other  Actionsports events This is helping grow the whole industry now. 

Please contact us if you need some info on skateboarding in China, we will try and help.